Hierodula majuscula
FAMILY                      Mantidae Burmeister, 1838
SUBFAMILY                     Mantinae Burmeister, 1838
TRIBE                           Paramantini
GENUS                              Hierodula Burmeister, 1838
SPECIES                                 Hierodula majuscula (Tindale, 1923)
Synonymous                        Parhierodula majuscule
A large mantis that is endemic to Queensland, Australia. Similar to many Hierodula species, this is a typical green mantis that can be
found in tropical region. I have been keeping them around 80-85F with daily misting in the net cage. Cannibalism is common if plenty
are kept in the same cage.
Hatchlings are quite small and being fed fruit flies and pinhead most of the time. As the mantis grow, more feeder insects are
needed as the mantis never seem to have problem finishing up any type of feeders provided.
 One thing I like about this species is that despite the large size, the mantids are quite docile and not skittish, which makes
photographing relatively easy. The colorful inner front legs make this species a great photographing subject too.
Molting is never a problem eventhough this is a large and heavy species, so far I have 0% casualty from molting.
Breeding this species requires good patient. Although female can be ready to pair up in as little as a week, the adult male seems to
need longer period of time (~3-4 weeks) to become sexually active. Introducing the pair together too early usually resulting in male
becoming the female’s prey. The way female devours a male could be quite gruesome sometimes.
This is a long living species, adult female can live more than 8 months under proper care, and able to produce 6-8 oothecae in the