Mantis in resin
Some wonderful mantis specimen in different resin shapes.
I have seen mantis being sold in resin before, but i have never learnt how to encase insect in resin. I remember seeing the first
mantis in resin while I was in San Jose about 5 years ago, it was a Chinese mantis nymph being encased in a rectangular shape
resin of about 3 inches long and 1 inch wide, selling for $65!

A year later, Luke from Taiwan email me his way of encasing mantis. It was pretty complicated with trial and error type of learning
process, especially trying to avoid visible bubble being trapped within the resin that added imperfection to the final product. Polishing
the resin needed quite an effort too. So I didn't venture into it, mainly because I was deeply into photographing.

In March, I was approached by Fernando who told me that he could help me preserve the mantis in resin. A skillful craftsmanship
with wonderful work after he showed me what he has done. So I sent him some dead mantis and here is the end results!

Mantis specimens in standard rectangular shape.
Mantis in key chains.
I particularly like this one, looks like mantis trapped in amber. Pretty cool.
Also velvet ants. The red color on velvet ant became very cool when taking the photo via dark background.
Also encased is this queen ant of Texas leaf cutter ant.
Recently i found this in Randall, which was a surprise to see these for sale in a grocery store. Only $7.99 each. So i bought about 4
different 'creepy' bugs for my collection.
I have been blessed to have friend with such skill! Long live the mantis!