Happy Fourth!

Just a short update on
Atta texana, which has recently started to see first batch of worker ants
Atta texana (Part II)
One of the queens was producing eggs too but for some reason there was no larvae development.
The larvae from the other queen were growing really fast and consumed large amount of fungus too.
Luckily the few worker ants I left it with the queen appeared to get along well, and the workers were
helping the queen feeding the larvae. Soon I see pupa in the cage. There were about only a dozen of
pupa from this first batch workers.
The freshly hatched workers appeared to be bigger than the existing workers that have been tending them. The newly emerged workers
in turn started to keep helping tending to the larvae. At this stage, the queen appeared to leave the larvae caring to the workers. The
queen continued to lay eggs on the same spot where the pupa and other larvae were being tended to by the workers.
I have started to leave some rose leafs in the cage, and the worker ants have been cutting the leaf. However, I am not sure if the fungus
building has been successful based on rose leafs, i will be adding different type of leafs soon when I visit the park.

Few days ago, i finally saw development on the larvae in the other cage, so that's good news! Why the larvae on the other queen
developed faster than the other is beyond me, since both queens have been kept in same conditions and being fed the same type of