Mantis on Newspaper
My mantis have been seen on many bug fairs, presented for museum or zoo exhibition, and even appeared on Jay Leno show
before. But this is the first time it is being printed on newspaper.

To make the long story short, couple of my friends from Malaysia who are photographing freaks, decided to get some mantis from
me after seeing my mantis pics on facebook. Alex and Foo have wonderful skill when it comes to photographing, whether it is
macro photographing or portrait shots, both of them do wonder with their cameras.

The four species of mantis I sent it to them were Creobroter gemmatus, Popa spurca, Phyllovates chlorophaea, and Gongylus

Following are some of the National Geographic worthy violin mantis photos captured by both geniuses.
Both have also photoshop the mantis pic into the Chinese New Year card. Pretty cool, wish they have actual card like that.
and here are just two of the many great photos of C. gemmatus from Alex.
Their wonderful work caught the eyes of some media mainstream and was soon being interviewed by local Chinese newspaper
(all in Chinese sorry, no translation). His work was published in the newspaper soon. Alex was kind enough to send me a copy of
the newspaper.
Mantis in Chinese
All credits go to both Alex and Foo, not only for the great photographing skills, but also ability to raise the mantis to adult using
limited resources available. I don’t expect my mantis appear on USA Today or Washington Post, but it was still great to see them in
the newspaper, even it was posted from a far and away country’s newspaper.
Violin mantis on Alex's hand