Feeding fruit flies
WIngless and flightless fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster or Drosophila hydei) are great food source for early mantis nymphs
due to its suitable size and lack of ability of flying. To feed the mantis nymphs kept in container, I have to open both the lids for both
mantis nymphs and fruit fly culture simultaneously and try to dislodge the required amount of flies into the mantis container in as
little time as possible before both mantis nymphs or fruit flies are able to escape. I have fruit fly escape almost everytime I feed
mantis nymphs this way. To prevent more fruit flies from escaping, I have decided to make use of the fruit fly bottle sold in Petsmart
as the main feeding bottle. The cap has one hole in the center allowing the required number of fruit flies being disposed into the
mantis cage.
Following is the step by step feeding method for fruit flies. First remove the cap and the sponge that prevent flies from escaping.
Have the funnel ready by placing the end of funnel to the empty fruit fly vial.
Tap the required amount of fruit flies into the vial.
Place the cap back afterwards, and cover the hole on the cap with your finger (without sponge).
then tap and required amount of flies into the container (Please note that it should be the fabrics lid to avoid fruit flies from escaping
via lid, photo is for demo only)
There are probably extra steps needed here to feed mantis in container, but it helps to reduce the number of escaping fruit flies. I
have also used wild fruit flies which are able to fly, those are more annoying when escape, but the flying type is attracted to light
which makes it easy to trap down.