Gonatista grisea
family              Hymenopodidae Giglio-Tos, 1919
subfamily        Liturgusinae Giglio-Tos, 1919     
genus              Gonatista Saussure, 1869
species           Gonatista grisea Fabricius, 1793
Synonymous  Mantis grisea Fabricius, 1793
Found in         Cuba, Porto Rico, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida
The mantis species can be found in N. Carolina, Gerogia, and also Florida, but it has the common name of Florida bark mantis due
to the reason where G. grisea is commonly found in the sunshine state. This species also carries common name such as grizzled
mantis or lichen mantis due to its well camouflage body color on tree bark with lichen. This species thrives in warm and humid
habitat. In captivity, I keep the mantis in ‘kritter keeper’ cage with big piece of wood bark, and paper lined to most of the plastic
surface as this species does not climb smooth surface and get stress up easily. I would also include tree bark in the cage where
the bark mantis loves to hide and rest.
This species is best given ample of floor space since it roamed around often. A 32 oz plastic container usually ended up with black
spots or even damaged eyes.
I have collected sufficient dead specimen for this species and have bred this species for several times. It is not the best beginner
species due to its high humidity requirement and molting issue (especially last molt). But this is definitely one of the most beautiful
species in the USA with its unique body color and appearance.
Picture below showed an adult female G. grisea threatening the advancing adult male by spreading her wings.