Visit from Tim
Tim works in Dallas Zoo Bug section, and has the same interest in most invertebrates as I am. I has been supplying some native
praying mantis to Dallas Zoo and dealing with Tim most of the time. Whenever Tim collected any kind of mantids, he would email me
to check the species. I have received couple of nice mantis species from Tim too, namely Yersiniops solitarium and Stagmomantis

Last month, his family decided to travel down to Houston to visit relatives. So i took the chance to meet up with his family. We decided
to meet at the HOuston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS). Following photos were all taken by Tim, who kindly shared those pictures
to me.
Popular scarab beetle (Dung beetle) sculpture in HMNS
After meeting up Tim and his wife Sara, we went to the Cockrell Butterfly Center in HMNS. I introduced both of them to Erin, who was
kind enough to show the visitors all kind of bugs in the containment room.
One of the interesting insects has to be the Texas pink katydid, which was producing well under Erin's care. Pic on the left is the adult
female, and on the right is Erin and myself in front of the pink katydid cage,
Of course Erin did not miss out the chance to show her favorite insect, the Malaysian giant katydid which impressed Tim quite a bit.
Unfortunately, I have to work on that day and couldn't stay long enough to give Tim and Sara a longer tour in the museum. So after a
short walk with them in the insect zoo I left, but Tim and Sara continued to visit the rest of the insect zoo section.
I hope to visit Dallas Zoo one day. With Tim's help, I have been able to get the extra fungus needed to boost up Texas leaf cutter ant
colony, which was much appreciated.