Pnigomantis medioconstricta - Update
The adult female matured since July 16th has finally well fed and ready to go. I did not notice any sign of the female releasing
pheromone but decided to give it a try on pairing on August 13th. As usual, the pairing cage is the foot cube net cage that was
pre-warmed to about 85F with extra misting prior to adding the adult pair. Adult male has been matured for 2 weeks and seems to
be robust.
I placed the female in front of the male. The adult male was very cautious in approaching the adult female. Cannibalism level for this
species is not as bad as the Hierodula sp. soo I have decided to let both adult in the same cage unattended. HOurs later, the male
appear to remain in the same position. So i have decided to introduce another male into the cage. The new addition wasted little
time before jumping on the female (see picture above), leaving the other male wondering why he hesitated <grins>.
After about only 20 minutes, the male bend his abdomen and connected with female (see bth pictures above). Mating lasted for
about 3 hours, male survive by fluttering away, but there was no sign female was going to maul the male. Afterwards I continue to
stuff the female with wild caught grasshopper of all kinds to continue fattening up the female.
The mated female continued to feed but didn't deposit ootheca. On the 19th she paired up with another male and finally deposit a
large ootheca two days later.
At the same time, another adult female matured on August 9th. I have noticed that adult female do not feed very often. I had to
handfeed the female sometimes to make sure she is not malnutrition. It certainly took a w long for the female to build up a big  
abdomen. Hopefully both females will be able to produce ferile oothecae in the future.