Chinese flower mantis log
Creobroter nebulosa)
(3/19/09)  I received another species of Creobroter genus from a friend in Taiwan. This manrtis is originally from China. After weeks of
incubation it started to hatch. About 20-30 nymphs hatched out they are robusting too. Currently I haven’t seen any differences between
this and the other two species (gemmatus and elongata) but I am looking forward to see the differences when they mature into adult.
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(7/24/09) Ok this is long due and I should have updated this long time ago! The species took about 2 months to grow from L1 to adult.
This species is generally larger than the other two species of Creobroter. I will post more details of the differences between the two
species in the future on my new update. Currently i have another new generation from my previous batch i am interested in keeping at
least another generation. This is a short log but i will post more about this species in the new updates.