Devil Flower Mantis
Blepharopsis mendica)
Size:                         ♂   5-6 cm      ♀   6 cm

Food:                        Pollinated flying insects

Temperature:             Day: 100 F     Night: 70F

Humidity:                   40%

Hatching rate:             30-50 nymphs

I started keeping this species about 2 years ago; I received 3 pairs, the female were mated
before but I continue to mate the female after laying her first ootheca. I found out that it is
difficult to initiate mating without additional heat. I failed several times in pairing this
species, so I decided to increase the heat in the closet to around 100 F and they resumed
mating almost immediately. But when I added more food in the cage, it appeared to
distract the mating process (Female will be interested to food), so it is always better to let
the mating pair together without food, it is especially true if the pair has not been
connected yet.

After about 5 weeks of incubation, I have lot of nymphs hatching out, they are really
small at around 5 mm each; However, they are capable of handling small fruit flies. After
couple of months, I sold out most of the extra nymphs but kept about a dozen to myself
as breeding stock. The ootheca stops to hatch after the 5th ooth. I did not re-mate my
female as none of my male survive longer than 3 months. However, female continued to
live and laid infertile ooth.

My new generation of devil flower matured into adult early 2006, but unfortunately, after
mating, female produces infertile ooth that never hatched. I lost all devil flower mantis
soon after.

Currently, I have few ootheca from Germany, hoping to raise this species again for at
least one generation.

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