Links - The main forum for all mantis hobbyist around the world. - Chuck is a good friend of mine who always manage to
help me whenever I need urgent insect feeders. His house fly pupa and fruit flies pupa
saved many of my mantis lives!!! - International insect trade website - Insect trade in the USA - Alex is a reputable mantis breeder in Germany. His
website has many info on praying mantis. I am sure many mantis breeders around the
world have visited his popular mantis oothecae pics on his website. - Carey has one of the most complete one stop mantis
shop for any mantis hobbyist. Her webpage offers various mantis species and supplies
of all kinds. - This is a new forum with many mantis hobbysists from
Taiwan and Hong Kong. - This is a new forum started from a friend Shaik from
Singapore. The purpose of this forum is to create a link of mantis hobbyists from South
East Asia and Asia to get to know each other and sharing information. - Reggie is an old friend who
has a great site presenting different species of mantis and is also a martial art 'shifu'.