North African grass mantis log
Oxyothepsis dumonti
I received 5 oothecae of this species traded from Poland 2 weeks ago, some started to hatch 2
days after getting the ooth. Apparently this species only requires 3-4 weeks of incubation, which
make shipping ootheca of this species very risky if it has been under incubation for 2 weeks or
more. The hatchling is so small but very hardy. I lost a few as they are very jumpy and jump like a
grasshopper!! I also lost a few trying to move them to another container and few lost due to
sticking upon the tape!! I need to be more careful with this species but luckily more oothecae
continued to hatch for me. Currently, I have about 20 L1 nymphs and they are eating small fruit flies
without any issue.
Today, one more ooth of this species hatch, i will let some go when they turn L2.
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Finally, I noticed a few of them molted into L2, they are longer now but still very slender. I will
upload some pic if i get a chance to take a shot at this jumpy species.
Took a pic of L2 as promised, next to a L1 nymph. It is still as jumpy as L1, but very alert.
This species appears to be very cannibalistic, but they grow rapidly. I have some already molted
into L4/L5 and is very slim and long in shape.
This species is growing faster than I thought. They are growing faster and eating more everyday.
The large one is probably L5/L6, but the smallest one is probably still L3/L4. Strange that they have
such huge difference even being kept at the same condition.
This species is definitely growing fast! I have some subadult and adult stage by now! In less than
2 months! This is probably the second faster species to reach adulthood after desert pebble
mantis. Amazing species, low humidity seems to be alright for this species.
It has been a while since i last making an update for this species. I have mated all the
available female and now left with 4 producing female. Once mated, female produced
ootheca almost every 3-4 days if well fed. I am going to drop this species now to concentrate
on another species.
Ootheca for the first generation has hatched!  So I have successful in completing the “full cycle”
for this species. I will drop this species from my list now in order to concentrate on other species.
Overall, this is a unique grass mantis with nice pointy eye. The nymphs feed on any prey
aggressively and they are also very cannibalistic species, plenty of food is required. Prefer hot
and dry environment.
Haven't update this log for a long time, that's because i have sold out all of this species. However,
when i was feeding my mantis couple of days ago, i saw a moult hanging near the blind, and it
looks very similar to the shed of this species, so i started to look around. Lo and behold, i saw the
this adult female grass mantis!! she must have been feeding on the loose flies and manage to
survive all these while. That's the first time a loose species had mature out of my care. Maybe i
should start to let my mantis roaming freely in my bug room now :)