Lichen Mantis log
Sibylla prestiosa
Traded two ootheca of this species from Poland a while ago and some hatched out a while ago. I kept the hatchling dry without misting
and cool too (70F/50%). They are doing alright without misting, it took them about 10 days to moult into L2. They are being fed fruit flies
from L1-L3, and some of my larger nymphs at :L5 are taking house fly at the moment.
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This species continue to grow, they appeared to prefer smaller food, and obviously grow slowly too. I have some at L5 now and the
show variety of color shed.
Been a while since i last update this species. They are at subadult stage right now. Looking forward to see adult specimen in less
than a month. I am keeping them warm at this moment. 85F during day and 75F during the night.
This is another species i have in my culture that speed up around this time. My guess is the species from Southern Hemisphere must
be picking up speed as it is warming up there. However, we are experience cooler weather as days go. Here is a pic of the subadult
Male has finally matured into adult. This species speed up the growth tremendously during the winter, but as they are originally from
the Southern Hemisphere, they are supposed to experience warmer weather and grow rapidly then, which is what i provided them
extra heat during this winter although it is challenging. Now i am looking forward for the female to mature into adult and breed this
My first female matured recently, she is a good size larger than the male. Now the next step is to breeding.
I have decided to pair the couple up recently, due to their nature of not being too cannibalistic, i let both of them together, and witness
the male mounted the female on several occasions. Looking forward for the first ootheca soon.
The adult pair continue to mate several more times, female is very tolerate towards the male and he survive every mate. Female
produced an ooth recently, looking forward to the ooth to hatch in near future. I have another female moulted into adult yesterday, i will
use the same male to breed her again. The adult female has huge appetite and continue to vacuum up all the moths and flies.
The female continue to feed lot of flies and moth, and in less than a week, she produced another ooth. I believed this species will
continue to lay ootheca often so i am trying to keep the male alive for a longer time in order to remate the female again. AT the smae
time, i have another pair matured into adult recently, and another pair at subadult stage. All are looking good for now. I am keeping the
ooth at around 75F-85F, mist once every other day.
Finally i have more adults from this species, they do stay on the subadult stage for a long time. My guess is that i wasn't keeping them
warm enough in this winter months. After getting rid of some nymphs, i am down to a manageable level for this species - 3 pairs! and
except for the subadult male, the rest been maturing into adult after a long time of 4-6 weeks as subadult for few of them. I am in the
process of pairing up the second female. Still waiting for the first ooth - from the first mated female - to hatch, but the first female
already produced her third ooth today. As expected, this species produce ootheca pretty often, like on weekly basis. If i keep her warm
enough i am sure she will produce ooth more often.
Cool weather appear to slow down the ooth production for this species as well. The second female appear to be mated but she hasn't
produced any ootheca yet. Female of this species has huge appetite and will grab food offer. Male however is very skittish and will fly at
any possible chance under threat or just by being watched... what a sissy!!
The first cannibalism witness as one of my adult male lost his head to the female...bummer!! Still waiting for the first ooth to hatch.
I am losing 2 adult females, not sure what i have done wrong but it appear to be the environment. Now i am left with only a female and
2 adult male.