I have raised many species of praying mantis since 2004. It is amazing how different one species varies to another by
appearance but some species look almost identical even though they are from completely different species.

Click into the photos below to reveal more details for the species.
America stick mantis
(Brunneria borealis)
Devil flower mantis
(Blepharopsis mendica)
African mantis
(Sphodromantis lineola)
Orchid mantis
Hymenopus coronatus)
Asian giant mantis
Hierodula membranacea)
Budwing mantis
(Parasphendale agrionina)
Carolina mantis
(Stagmomantis carolina)
Wide arm mantis
(Cilnia humeralis)
Nigerian flower mantis
(Chloroharpax modesta)
Egyptian mantis
(Miomantis paykullii)
Dead leaf mantis
Deroplatys desiccata)
Asian flowermantis
Creoboter sp.)
Ghost mantis
(P. paradoxa)
American ground mantis
(Litaneutria minor)
Madagascan marble mantis
(Polyspilota aeruginosa)
Dead Leaf mantis
D. lobata)
Grass mantis
T. graminis)
Asian marble mantis
(Hierodula parviceps)
New Guinea shield
(T. tamalonica)
Spiny flower mantis
Pseudo. wahlbergii)
Madagascan green mantis
(Tarachomantis aloatrana)
African twig mantis
(Popa spurca)
Update: I do not include the care sheet for the new species but you can follow them on mantid log.