Asian jumping mantis log
(Statilia maculata)
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(9-23-08)This species sped up the growth rate after L3, and with each molt their size increase slightly. My guess is I have some
pre-subadult now, although they are still very small in size, roughly about 2 cm.
(9-01-08)I had a chance to get a new species recently from a good friend living in Taiwan. I received an ootheca around late July and
after a week of incubation at 80F/60%, about hundred nymphs hatched out. Nymphs are dark brown in color and pretty small. The
nymphs appear to be weak for some reason which remains me of some European mantis hatchling. The next day, almost half of the
mantis are dead for no reason. I was told by my friend that this species appear wimpy during the first and second instar stage, but
became hardy afterwards. We will see how it goes, if any survive at all!

The first molt took a long time for this species; it took around 15-20 days. The species also lose its dark brown color right after the first
molt and turn into lime green color. After a month, about 20 nymphs survive to L3, and they are not growing very fast at all.
(9-27-08)I have a few subadult of this species now. The color for this species appear to resemble the bright raffia i have in the cage. I
was told this species can be as red or brown but right now this subadult batch looks nothing like that. Following are pics of subadult
and presubadult nymphs. The marking inside the femur is clearly visible now at this stage.
(10-07-08)Most have molted into subadult, some turning into light brown colors while most remain light green. They still feed on lot of
flies and being kept together in a large plastic jars.
(10-12-08) So far i have couple of adult males, females are not far behind. Will post more when they mature and breed.
(10-18-08) First adult female matured couple of days ago. I have now 3 adult males and a lone adult female. I believed there is another
subadult female and maybe 2 more subadult male to be molted soon. Will start to power feed them before breeding time.
Cannibalism is not as bad as
Hierodula sp  for this species.
10-22-08: All males have matured into adult, only a single subadult female left and another adult female. Males are housed together
which is where I will put my adult female in hopefully in a week or less. The male do not tend to feed very often but female continue to
feed lot of food, a general trend for any mantis species.
12-03-08: All nymphs have matured into adult. Both females been mated too. I have sent out all adult specimens to another hobbyist in
Florida. I hope he can continue with this species.