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(6-19-2007) Well the idolomantis ooth hasn't hatched yet, but two other species hatched out, Check out the hatchling pics for
and acromantis. Also, i received my female otomantis back after shipping them out for mating. One even laid an
ooth during transit, see pic
here. and my double shield are growing well and two male have reached subadult stage, females are
not far behind!!
(6-21-2007) Update log on Pseudoharpax Virescens and Theopompa Ophthalmica.
(6-27-2007) Time flies!! before I know it has been a week since my last update. Texas Unicorn oothecae are poping left and right
for me, i have about 150 hungry little mouths to feed now. Some ant mantis. Finally I witnessed mating on both of my spiny flower
mantis and ghost mantis adult pairs, i can only hope the oothecae are fertile and hatching out soon. Still waiting for the
idolomantis ooth to hatch... will it ever hatch?!?
(6-29-2007) Few updates on Pseudoharpax Virescens ,Orchid mantis, and giant shield mantis.
(7-1-2007) Finally, two of the smallest shield mantis moulted into adult female. Ghost mantis and spiny flower mantis started to lay
 ootheca, one of the female spiny flower laid yet the largest (longest) ootheca i haven't seen!!
(7-2-2007) Update on East Asian Bark mantis.
(7-13-2007) It is Friday the 13th!! but everything goes on as usual for me :) More shield mantis moulted into adult. Texas Unicorn
oothecae is hatching left and right for me i am flooded!!
East asian bark mantis growing larger now. Still waiting for all the ootheca
to hatch.... ah, now that all my fruit fly cultures exploded in millions of flies, i am really looking forward for something to hatch!
(7-19-2007) three oothecae hatched out on the same day, ant mantis, Texas Unicorn mantis, and devil flower mantis. Luckily, i
have fruit flies ready for it!! By the way, the first pair of giant shield managed to mate! and the first
ghost mantis ooth and boxer
mantis ooth hatched!! More update on
Mantis Log for other species.
(7-25-2007) More oothecae hatched!! it is like a daily routine thing now for me to trnasfer hatchling into a new cage, i will soon run
out of all available fruit flies and net cages!! But net cages from Christopher from the live monarch and acrylic cages from Tony
saves my mantis from homeless and sleeping on my pillow!!  More update on
Mantis Log for other species.
(8-5-2007) It has been crazy week for me, the weather in Houston is getting better and i was quite keen to go out for bug hunt, but
hatchling from various oothecae species been keeping me on my toe, i am exhausted just by the thought of going to feed
hundreds if not thousand of hungry mouths. I haven't even got the chance to read the pm in mantid forum. I need a vacation!!
(8-10-2007) Finally all 8 female shield mantis were mated, now the male is connected to the last female!! See shield mantis for
more. Two S. Prestiosa ooth, 3 P. Wahlnbergii, 4 Gambian flower mantis, and 2 Texas Unicorn all hatched in less than a week!!
(8-16-2007) No Thanks to Erin, Houston is being drenched this morning!! rainning dogs and cats and donkey and monkey and
turkey........ Well, it is raining mantis for me inside the house as well. Two
ghost mantis oothecae hatch at the same time, another
Texas Unicorn ooth hatched as well, and hundreds of Gambian spotted-eye flower mantis nymphs emerged simultaneously too....
oh not mentioning several
spiny flower mantis that hatched out. phew..... several update on separate species too, see ant mantis,
orchid mantis
, Taiwan flower mantis, ghost, spiny, etc.... see mantis log for more. Also, the S. Prestiosa has moulted!!
(8-18-2007) As Hurrican Dean closing in, i am stocking up food not only for myself but for the mantis too, anyway i hope it misses
Texas by a state distance!! Whenever, it is raining and we will be soaking wet. bummer!!
Just after i removed the ghost hatchling, another batch hatched!!! three oothecae in a matter of 3 days so i am flooded by little
ghost right now. Texas Unicorn is hatching still but the most bunch are L6 right now. Another spiny flower mantis hatched
as well. Think i should reduce the number of breeding pairs in the future, keeping only 2 instead of 5-8 pairs.
(8-23-2007) Glad Hurricane Dean missed!! but not before bringing in more rain, but not much of wind. More oothecae hatched out, i
think Chuck from
Spider Pharms loves it when that happened, don't you Chuck ;-).
A surprise for me yesterday when the
orchid ooth i traded from Malaysia hatched out, giving me new bloodline for my fourth
generation (hopefully!) More
ghost and spiny flower mantis ooth hatched.... this two species together with Gambian flower mantis
gives me nightmare i am drown by little nymphs (No kidding!!) Still waiting for my first
giant shield mantis (This could be
Rhombodera Basilis according to Chirstian from Germany, but further works on identification is underway). Still more
Unicorn is hatching and the oldest bunch are still happily staying at L6 stages.
(9-7-2007) Nothing exciting, still waiting for the first shield mantis ooth to hatch, boy i hate waiting. One of my orchid mantis ooth
hatched, however, very few hatched out, i am starting to worry if the issue is due to generations of inbreeding? but the fact that i
have been ignoring their wellfare could have been taking the toll on the hatching rate.  Besides that, 1 asian giant ooth, 2 ghost
mantis ooth, and 1 Texas unicorn, 2 spiny flower mantis ooth, and loads of Gambian SE flower mantis ooth hatched, the hatching
rate drop drastically for most of the species that hatched, it is also the season end for Texas Unicorn which explain the drop. But
the good thing is it gives me less work for sure. I am sure all the fruit flies are happy to know this!!
(9-3-2007) Three new species and several oothecae hatching continue to keep me busy for the past week. Finally i have a chance
to go bug hunt ; However, due to the frequent rain over the past two months, the access roads into the park were muddy and i
found more frogs and leeches than bugs :(( boy will this be the first year i am without any wild caught mantis? Anyway, the three
new species in my culture are
Zoolea sp. (Paraguay unicorn mantis), Malaysia long neck mantis, and Empusa Fasciata. Also,
didn't realize i missed out on
S. Prestiosa in the log!
(9-15-2007) Another storm come and go, Hurricane Humberto formed so fast and close to us that we were all caught off guard,
and became hurricane right before landfall... luckily, it missed us!! but not before bring in more rain. Ok enough with the storm!
The first
shield mantis ooth hatched out!! Finally all my hard work paid off! Another great news is that my search for both unicorn
mantis in the USA is finally over! Big thanks to Franscisco! I hope to have the same success (of
Arizona unicorn mantis) as Texas
unicorn. Oh another great news...... finally, yeah finally, after all the search high and low, the
idolomantis is finally my new addition
in my culture. After a successful breeding of the spiny flower mantis and ghost mantis, i am wondering if this could be a good
time for me to quit this species?
(9-18-2007) the very first idolomantis moulted out alright, i hope more will moult of alright although i expect about 10 % casualty
which is common on the first moult. Well i should have some idolomantis to offer soon!!
Shield mantis also started to moult too. I
am just glad i have complete a circle for this species.
(9-21-2007) Glad i have offloaded some mantis, the amount of flies been reducing in an alarming rate, no thanks to idolomantis! I
am going to drop both
Acromantis and Odontomantis due to the time constraint. Although I didn't spend too much time with both
species, both have managed to breed for another generation in short period of time.
(9-22-2007) Update on photo gallery. P. Ocellata log has been included where differences between P. Ocellata  and  P. Wahlbergii
are presented. Also few updates on the
mantis log.
(9-27-2007) Mantis hobby is like my second job now. After work, my second part of the work begin, and it continues till 10 pm
easily. Well, enough of whinning. I received some
idolomantis traded from Germany, yay!! Also, some update on mantis log.
(10-4-2007) Finally, with two extremely large orders, i am down to a manageable on my mantis culture. No worry, i am not
dropping this hobby, unless if all mantis decided to drop dead on me together at once!!!! Anyway, I am not completely out of
available mantis, you can check the
Available page for any extra species for sale. Have few updates on the mantis logs if you are
interested with the status of each species i currently have in the culture.
(10-11-2007) Guess i lied! Manageable level is never justified. I have to feed so many of them i ran out of food..grrrrrr. Well, the
shipment has been slow recently actually, and i lost lot of flies due to this. Still looking for my next shipment of fly pupa to arrive
this Thursday. Anyway, it has been busy for me recently, have my kitchen, bathrooms, and forley floor renovated for the past few
weekends. Glad any of my mantis still survive!! Just kidding they are doing well :)  More updates to the
(10-14-2007) Bad flu season is killing me, my whole family were down with flu. Well, the spill over effect was that my mantis were
not been properly taken care and cannibalism took place "heavily". The worst was of
 Rhombodera sp. Follow by  P. Ocellata  and
P. Wahlbergii. I have a chance to go back and feed the mantis today but halfway down the medication made me dizzy so i have to
stop feeding...Hmmm, wonder if mantis can get flu too?!
(10-21-2007) My kitchen floor, both bathroom floors and the forley renovation were finally completed. What a relieve, i guess my
mantis thinking finally they don't have to starve anymore as i will spend more time in the bug room, which mean FOOD for them.
Oh all the spoil brats don't they. My flu is not 100% recovered yet, but i realized that mantis needs to get back to their 100% full diet
so I can only hope to get well sooner. More mantis hatched out for me, 3
Rhombodera sp. oothecae hatched!! i am now
scrambling for more fruit flies, 3 cultures of D. Melangaster will not last very long.
(10-28-2007) The weather is turning cooler as Halloween is fast approaching. I am leaving the carolina ooth outdoor to initiate
over-winter. But the rest of my tropical species like
dead leaf is still enjoying warm temperature in the bug room. I am finally down
to a dozen species after selling most of my other breeding stocks, my plan is to bring the species number down to 8 by the end of
the year. Nothing major this week. Another shield mantis ooth hatched today as expected (the 5th in 2 weeks),
spiny flower and
dead leaf pair mated, and almost definately looking forward for the
Zoolea sp.  to mature.
(11-04-2007) A week come and go, i am going to update this on weekly basis now. The reason for this is really because my son is
in the Great Houston Youth Orchestra, and every Sunday, I have to wait for 3 hours for his practise :) so as i am typing now, i have
some background orchestra music too, how great :P
Back to mantis. Thanks to day light saving, i have one extra hour to sleep (yes!!), that extra hour actually gave me more rest and i
took that to full advantage of cleaning up my bugroom. So now all my bugs are happily in clean enclosure...for once :)
Ok, now seriously, back to mantis!! I have decided to only keep the following species for the next coming months, they are
sp., Pseudovates arizonae, Idolomantis diabolica, D. lobata, S.prestiosa, P. Wahlbergii, H. coronatus, Empusa sp., and P.
paradoxa. I am going to ditch  A. formosana, Spohodromantis sp., Ph. chlorophaea, P. ocellata, Rhombodera sp. and H.
membranacea.  You can see update of each species in mantis log.
(11-11-2007) Another week, another update. Work was very busy last week but am glad all mantis are doing great. Pseudo.
 continue to lay ooth, and have two fresh Pseudo. wahlbergii oothecae from the mated females. Anyway, i will make this
short and let the log do all the talking.
(11-18-2007) Thanks Giving is fast approaching. I had bad experience last year shipping through this busy week, not a good idea!
Also, shipment after Thanks Giving will generally delay too. Hmmm.... I was hoping to have my friend in Malaysia send me some
Theopropus elegans as i hope to bring this species into culture. I need a second thought now!  Finally, my first P. ocellata ooth
hatch, glad this species can be bred in captivity and no more speculation of this species being classified as the same species
or rumor that this is just a hybrid from cross breeding from unknown species.
(11-25-2007) Freezing cold front hit Texas..Brrrrr. I had extra heat prepare for the idolomantis and also provide a timer heater to
keep the bugroom (tropica species section) above 75 F at night. Luckily, this freezing cold front is not going to last for more than a
week and hasn't slowed down the mantis. Some species like
P. ocellata continue to lay ooth and the ooth continue to hatch
(Anyone need one?) and
D. lobata surprised me with a pair of oothecae.  By the way, i am planning to clean up my website a little
and make pages in Log and Gallery section more update and more presentable (such as species name under each photo link to
each species), now i just need to find more time to do the cleaning up. Read on the
mantis log for update on all the species
currently in culture.
(12-02-2007) Is December already....?! time flies and it is just a month away before this site celebrate its first year anniversary.
While holiday mood is in the air, mantis in my bug room continue the growing mood. Several species continue to mature and
some are getting close. Anticipation is high on waiting for the first
idolomantis to mature, several species like zoolea and S.
prestiosa have reached adult while I am looking forward for the ghost mantis and Arizona unicorn mantis to mature as well. In the
mean time, i am putting up an updated page on
Mantis Log, showing the species currently in culture.
(12-16-2007) Oppsss.. sorry i did miss the weekly update. My son's GHYO class decided to skip a week and so i missed the
chance to update too :P Recently i received some
Theopropus elegans, except for the DOA, the rest appear to be healthy. The rest
of the mantis are growing quickly too. First
S. prestiosa pair mated and witnessed, looking forward for a new generation. First
idolomantis  matured!! and P. ocellata continue to hatch like mad, about 30-40 nymphs per ooth, and my first P. whalbergii ooth
hatched. Well, i will let the log do the rest of the update.
(12-24-2007) Merry Christmas all!! Decided to get a brief update here on Christmas eve. I am staying for this Christmas and
working around the house for Christmas decoration really wear me off, but it has been great. Several species making a speedy
progress, but not all are good as i have male species maturing way in advance, particularly the
Empusa and Theopropus mantis.
Zoolea sp. finally mated and S. prestiosa female layed an ooth too. For more update, check the mantis log.
(12-29-2007)Another Sunday and another year comes and goes. 2007 had been a great year for me in mantis breeding, i would
like to thank first of all to the support from all current and new hobbyists who continue to invest their interest in this hobby.
Without them, I would never be able to keep this hobby alive and lost the will to continue searching for new species. Also without
friends around the world including the USA, i would never ever have the chance to experience new species too. So i must said
that i am very lucky here. Looking back this year, i have been blessed to rear or breed at least 6-8 mantis species new to this
hobby in the USA.
Phyllovates chlorophaea, Acromantis formosana, Rhombodera sp., Odontomantis planiceps, and P. ocellata
just to name a few successful breeding cases. Looking at 2008, there are a few species i hope to breed, particularly the
, and Idolomantis diabolica. Wow, did not realize i have written long enough here. Please see update for different mantis in
mantis log.
(01-06-2008) Happy New Year 2008!! I am late i know ;P Over the last few weeks. I have starting to pair up several species like
ghost, orchid, lichen, Arizona unicorn, Paraguay unicorn, etc and some have started to produce oothecae, looks like another busy
2008 spring on the way!! Some other good news are that the giant devil flower continue to mature, and females of both
banded flower mantis catching up. As usual, not all good things stay forever (which i will explain why probably 3-4 months
later), i have dropped Asian giant mantis, shield mantis, and Taiwan flower mantis, and soon to drop Texas unicorn too :(( so
without further adieu, catch up with the latest status here in mantis log.
(01-13-2008) Howdy all!! I haven't been spending much time on mantis recently due to busy schedule at home and work. Colder
weather around this last week also slow down much development on my mantis culture, but i took time this Saturday  to visit
Texas A&M (TAMU) insect collection display. You can see some mantis display
here. I love the way they labeled each insect, with
proper bar code, method of catching, GPS location, etc. With 2.3 million insect specimen, this university properly possessed one
of the best insect collection in Texas, although i might challenge few specimens with doubtful identification. As usual, see mantis
log for who's who and what's what updated
log. Bye for now!!