African Giant mantis
Sphodromantis sp.)
Size:                          ♂   6-7 cm      ♀   7-8 cm

Food:                         Crickets, roaches, grasshopper, flying insects

Temperature:              Day: 80-90 F     Night: 75F

Humidity:                    50% - 60%

Hatching rate:              100 - 200 nymphs

Giant African mantis is an attractive species due to its aggressiveness. Anyone interested in looking at how a praying mantis chase
down its prey and devour it greedily, this is the species!

The first African mantis I raised was Sphodromantis Viridis, they are not as bulky as Sphodromantis Lineola but aggressive
nevertheless. This species was easy to raise, feed them plenty of roaches, crickets, and wild caught flying insects, and they will gladly
accept the food. Mating this species was not difficult at all, male will initiate the move and female will be more cooperative when fed
well. A warm, well heated enclosure of about 90F works as a catalyst to further improve the chances of mating.

By late 2005, I received few adult pairs of Sphodromantis lineola, females appeared bulkier than S. Viridis. Mating took place almost
immediately after I introduced the male. Female continue to lay 6-8 ootheca in her lifetime. Hundreds of nymph hatch from one
ootheca, but they are vulnerable at L1, easily drown even in a drop of water. However, many will still make it to adulthood. They are
relatively stable and less prone to diseases after L4, the only other casualty after that is mis-molting.

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