African Twig Mantis
Popa spurca)
Size:                         ♂   6-7 cm      ♀   7-8 cm

Food:                       Flying insects and crickets

Temperature:         Day: 80-85F F     Night: 70-75F

Humidity:                 50-60%

Hatching rate:        50-100 nymphs

African twig mantis is from African continent and adapt to hot and humid weather, but also tolerate to cool dry area. This species is very
alert, they will turn into a "stick" whenever disturb by stretching its body and raptorial arm in a straight line mimicking tree stick.
Hatchling of this species resembles ants and has a "bend" thorax which appeared to look like a deformed mantis from mismolting.
They do not grow very fast but continue to feed whenever they have a chance. Hatchling of this species is black in color, but it slowly
turn into dark brown when adult.

I kept this species on several occasion but i never breed them as i sold or trade all of them out. I have experienced hatches as large as
100 nymphs to as little as 30-40 nymphs. Hatchling feed on fruit flies without any problem but they need good ventilation. Keeping
them together is not a wise idea as they often turn into their siblings when food source is limited. I hope to breed this species at least
once but always found myself stucked with another working species as priority. But this year I hope to at least hatch an ooth and raise
a batch to adulthood, it will pobably takes a full year to do that.

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