Asian Flower Mantis
Creobroter sp.)
Size:                 ♂   4 cm      ♀   4.5 cm

Food:                Pollinated flying insects

Temperature:        Day: 80-90 F     Night: 75F

Humidity:        50 %

Hatching rate:        30-60 nymphs

This is a small flower type mantis species from rain forest. They can be found from south Asia to South East Asia as far as southern
China. They are usually in brown or green in color and has pointy eyes. They are well camouflage in bushes full of flowers. They are
aggressive species feed mainly on insects that were attracted to flower nectar or pollen. Male of this species will fly away with slightest
disturbance. Female feed almost every day after turning into adult and does not fly due to its weight.

I started this species in 2005, the female were mated when I received them from Germany. One of the female even laid an ootheca
during shipment. Ootheca took about 6 weeks to hatch; the nymphs were small but feed on fruit flies greedily without problem. This
species grows up quickly and both male and female reached adulthood in less than 2.5 month! After L3, this species can generally
handle house flies, and after L5, they are able to take blue bottle flies. I use honey gut-load flies that were coated with bee pollen prior
to feeding the mantis to simulate the same food for them in the wild.

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