Asian Giant Mantis
Hierodula membranacea)
Size:                       ♂   7-8 cm      ♀   9-11 cm

Food:                      Crickets, roaches, grasshopper, flying insects

Temperature:        Day:  80-90 F     Night: 75F

Humidity:               60%

Hatching rate:       100 - 200 nymphs

Asian Giant mantis is longer than giant African mantis an attractive species due to its aggressiveness. Anyone interested in looking at
how a praying mantis chase down its prey and devour it greedily, this is the species!

I first started this species in early 2005, I only have a single L3 female nymph, she was a beautiful milky green color with dark
brownish gray legs. Unfortunately, she mis-molted during subadult stage, 2 of her 4 legs were twisted, so I have to put her to death
(RIP!) in the freezer. I didn’t come back to this species until early 2005 when I had a chance to get few ootheca Denmark. After couple
of weeks in incubation, at least 200 nymphs hatched out in less than 30 minutes!! After 2 days, they started to take in fruit flies. First
molt came just about less than 2 weeks under temperature of 80F. At L2, they are large enough to handle house fly. I continue to mist
them lightly once a day and casualty is amazingly low. I keep all of them together with plenty of food. Casualty due to weak nymph was
minimal, and the nymphs are apparently strong. Few casualties due to cannibalism observed at L3 when food source is limited. Other
than that, I raised them together in the same net cage until L6 or even subadult (with plenty of blue bottle flies!).

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