North American Stcik Mantis Log
Brunneria borealis
I do not have any stick mantis at the moment. Looking forward to collect some wild species coming this Summer.
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(3/19/09)  This is a “revisit” species. I kept this species in as early as 2005 when a wild collected ooth hatched out about 30
nymphs (over a period of 6 months!). I eventually traded them all as I managed to collect dozens of adult female in Baytown near
Houston in late Summer 2005. Early this year I have a chance to trade some oothecae from a friend in North Carolina. After
overwintering the ootheca for 2 months, the oothecae starting to hatch. Currently I have 3rd instar of the early batch and it is a
good size mantis! I hope to keep some to adult if all possible.
(5-22-09) I have to almost give up all this species because of the overwhelming number of mantis I have, and the coming trip
doesn't help either. I will only keep two and hope they will mature into adult. Hope to see them when I return from my trip.