Boxer mantis log
Otomantis sp.
I received 10 boxer mantis nymphs traded from another breeder from USA a week ago. All the nymphs are so small they are size
of a fruit fly! However, they managed to grab hold of small fruit flies that seems too large to handle and start eating them!
However, there was one casualty 2 days ago. One of the boxer nymph just die for no reason must be the weakest link!
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Finally, one of the boxer mantis molted into L2, i believed the rest will follow. But out of the 10 nymphs traded, only 8 survive till
More boxer molted into L2, but due to the cold weather, the heater in the room has been on for a while for the humidity was kinda
low, some boxer barely get out from the molt. I guess this species prefer humid condition.
More boxer molted into L3, but only 6 survived, i hope they will all made it to adulthood as they look tougher now. Well, they are
still very small at L3, probably the size of hatchling ghost.
I lost count but the surviving 6 boxers are doing great and molted another 1-2 times and finally i can see them with my naked eye
:) just kidding!

Now finally they can be fed the larger fruit flies (D. Hydei).
Most of my boxers nymphs have molted into L5, I am still feeding them on D. Hydei and they have no problem growing at 75-80F
and 65% humidity. I haven't had a chance to sex them yet but most likely i will wait till they get into subadult. They look marvelous!
SOme new pics of this cute little species the size of a pea!
Most of my boxers nymphs have molted into L6 and L7, I think they are sub-subadult stage now. Is amazing that this species -
being so small - take a long time to mature. They are doing well and continue feeding on house flies.
Most of my boxers nymphs have molted into subadult stage now. They are pretty cool
Finally i have my first adult, i believed it is a male but i will have to confirm later. Pic to follow soon. They are feeding on house flies
Here is couple of the first adult pic
It appeared that I have 5 female of this species!! Right now, I have 3 adult female and 2 subadult female. I am going to send them
to Andrew who has male of this species. Lets hope they will continue for another generation.
I sent all the females to Andrew who is keeping adult male of this species. Yesterday, the first pair of this species mated!! Looking
forward for some viable ootheca. Thanks Andrew!! (Pic taken by Andrew)
I am supposed to get my mated female back soon. Hopefully the female will lay ootheca soon and i can see new generation
hatching out one day.
Received back my adult female after sending them out for mating 2 weeks ago. One of the female laid an ooth during transit, i am
looking forward to see some hatchling soon.
One of the ooth hatched finally after 33 days of incubation under 85F/70% with frequent misting. Now I am going to have a hard
time to decide if i should continue with them or not. Arrhh this is tough one!
Another ooth hatched out about 15 nymphs, i am feeding them the smallest fruit fliess i can find, which is the flies from old
culture. They are being kept warm and spray daily, some of the nymphs from first oothecae have started to moult into L2. I am
shifting them all to Europe. With more species on the table, most likely I'll not continue them for another generation.