Budwing Mantis
Parasphendale agrionina)
Size:                ♂   4-5 cm      ♀   6-8 cm

Food:                Crickets, roaches, flying insects

Temperature:        Day: 70-90 F     Night: 70-80F

Humidity:        60%

Hatching rate:        100 - 200 nymphs

Budwing mantis is very hardy and easy to breed. This is one of the most aggressive mantis species and never lost interest on food.
They have colorful body and wings, and is one of the under-rated species. This is also a very good species for beginner due to their
hardiness and tolerance to wide range of temp/humidity.

Budwing mantis is one of the two species when I first reared praying mantis in the USA in 2004. I bought 10 budwing mantis at L1 and
been continue with this species for many generations (I lost count, probably 4 generations). This species has no problem when it
comes to inbreeding. In fact, my later generation appeared healthier and larger than the generation before. They feed on fruit flies
greedily everyday from L1-L3, and after L4, they will gorge themselves with flies and crickets, there is almost no chance of survival and
usually the prey is taken up in less than a minute. After L5, it is obvious that nymphs with wider abdomen are male while male usually
possess slender abdomen. They appeared like a bark mantis when camouflage themselves align with a stick and extended forearm,
a wonderful sight. Male matured one molt earlier than female. Mating is possible 2-3 weeks after they matured into adult.

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