Chinese mantis log
Tenodera sinesis)
(9-28-08)Received two wild collected adult female chinese mantis. They are both biggies at 4 inches long. Both appear to be
mated so i just have to stuff her with lot of food.
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(10-07-08)One of the female produced an ootheca while the other female appear to be "calling" for mate..bummer!!
(10-12-08) The other "calling" female finally deposited an ooth in the cage few days ago. I wondered if that will be fertile. I will
leave the ootheca in a cool spot for now and leave it in my backyard during winter and see if it hatched out next spring.
(10-18-08) One of the female goes to the Houston Museum of Natural Science so i am down to only one. I left the ootheca with the
museum too.
10-22-09: my only lone adult female Chinese passed away recently. She was losing grip and legs before dying, a sign of old age.
So I am all done with Chinese mantis for now.