Dead Leaf Mantis
Deroplatys desiccata)
Size:                 ♂   8-9 cm      ♀   9 cm

Food:                Crickets, flying insects, roaches

Temperature:        Day: 80 F     Night: 75F

Humidity:        70%

Hatching rate:        50 nymphs

This is a large species from rain forest jungle in South East Asia. They are brown/green/gray in color and well camouflage on a tree full
of leaves. They gladly accept any insects that comes within their striking distance. Female of this species can be identified with a
wider/rectangular shape shield with 2 sharp points at the end of the shield as early as L3 stage. Male can be identified with a slender
body shape and diamond shape shield. Hatchling of this species is considered large and bulky. Small nymphs grow up quickly but the
last two molt can take as long as 3 weeks each. This species prefer humid and warm environment, the ootheca of this species needs
similar condition which simulate the natural condition in their origin habitat.

I started this species in 2005, I have about three adult female but couldn’t find a male. The adult male finally arrived late 2005 and 2 of
the female couldn’t wait long enough and perished of old age. The lone female laid one unfertilized ooth so I have to mate them as
soon as possible. Mating this large species is not easy, they usually get too stress up if kept in a small cage, and if the temperature is
too low, they ignored each other completely. After several trials and errors, they finally mated in a large pre-heated container with fake
stick and leaves together. So this species does need a “romantic” mood!! After mating, it took her two days before laying another
ootheca. After approximately 45 days of incubation, large nymphs hatched from ootheca that looks too small to hold them inside.
Nymphs grow up quickly with proper food and under warm/humid condition.

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