Dead leaf mantis
Deroplatys lobata)
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I received some breeding stock from Malaysia, they are pretty weak and obviously been deprived of food. Many mismoult during
shipment, what a shame.... but the surviving are doing well after being fed some house flies. My guess is they are on their 4th
instar. I am keeping them warm  and humid (85-90F/70%) with daily misting. Provide them lot of branches and sticks. Surprisingly,
quite a few of them do wondering around the floor and appear to be more fond of floor crawling crickets than flies as food source.
Some of the specimen grow quickly, some male has reach subadult stage so i am slowing down by keeping them cooler. The
female are doing well too, some are just 2 moults away from adult.
(10-28-07) Both male and female have been adult for a while, so time to introduce them. After two days, the male decided to
mount the female, and half a day later, they connected...yippy!!
(11-4-07) The same adult male managed to mate with the second female. Both adults were fed crickets prior to mating. It took the
male a good day to get on the female's back. It is always a nervious moment for the male, as female appear to be much bulkier
than adult male, it is like a heavy weight boxer vs a bantam weight boxer, one punch would be enough to kill the small male. Now i
am hoping to see ootheca soon. This species appear to favor food that crawls only.
(11-13-07) Continue to feed the dead leaf female plenty of food, but none decide to lay ooth. The sole adult male is still alive, and
doing great. Maybe i can use him again to mate my female mantis.
(11-25-07) Both mated female decided to produced ooth all of the sudden. They were heavily fed and kept warm. FInally, one
decided to lay an ooth and the other decided to follow too. NOw i can only hope both ootheca be able to produce load of hatchling.
Only time will tell. THe male is doing alright still. I will try to use him again to mate with both female, i felt sorry for him..... nah not
(12-02-07) I was told by the expert that the ooth appear to be infertile. So i am feeding both female again in hope that they will be
able to mate again with the surviving male. Lets hope they mated and produce a "smoother" and fertile looking ooth.
(12-16-07)My adult male looking lethargic so i have decided to ask for help from Andrew who has a subadult male. Hopefully i can
mate btoh the female again with the new male. The current old adult male which is already 3 months old will not last very long for
the ferocious female.
(12-24-07)My adult male couldn't make it to mate with the female for the second time, so i am looking to get an adult male. A
friend from California should be able to help me on this one, yeah Andrew you heard me!! :)
(01-06-08) Both females are doing fine with huge tummy. But they seems to know my intention and willing to wait for the arrival of
adult male before planning to deposit more ooth. However, USPS couldn't deliver the parcel on time and i can only hope the male
reach me alright tomorrow (Monday). The first ootheca produced by each female is still around, i am not going to cut the ooth until
the end of net month although i know they might not be fertile.
(01-13-08)My adult male from Andrew arrived finally, after couple of days feeding him with plenty of roaches, he seems to be
ready. I left him with a female, he was staring at her but not making a move. The next day, the female produce her 2nd
ooth...bummer, which might explain why he wasn't interested or sense that female isn't receptive. Now i am feeding another
female heavily and hoping that this couple will work it out fine. It is frustrating, you feed the female load of food hoping that she
won't be interested with the male, and she lays and ooth! but if you leave the female hungary, she will almost certain leaving me a
sourvenier of the male's wing the next day! Here is a pic of the female with a typical post of guarding the ooth. (Update: the male
managed to climb on the "right" positive on the second female.
(01-13-08) The male is still on the female's back trying to mate the female, or he did when i was not aware of? well only time can
(02-24-08) Finally one of my female produces an ootheca that looks viable, although much smaller than the previous ootheca. Lets
hope it will actually hatched for me.
(03-30-08)And the first generation hatched after 6 weeks of incubation! Lot of large nymphs(about 100 nymphs) moving in
lightning speed immediately drink lot of water on the first day.
(04-26-08) I have few more oothecae left, but sadly my d. lobata adult female are dead. However, her new generation have been
distributed around the USA. I have kept some to my friend in order to breed them for another generation. Below are pics of the
other two oothecae which i hope hatching out before my trip back to Asia.