Dead Leaf Mantis
Deroplatys lobata)
Size:                 ♂   5-6 cm      ♀   8 cm

Food:                Crickets, flying insects, roaches

Temperature:        Day: 80 F     Night: 75F

Humidity:        70%

Hatching rate:        50 nymphs

Please note that this species required similar care as the other dead leaf species (D.

This is a large species from rain forest jungle in South East Asia. They are brown/green/gray in
color and well camouflage on a tree full of leaves. They gladly accept any insects that comes
within their striking distance. Female of this species can be identified with a wider shape shield  
as early as L3 stage. Male can be identified with a slender body shape and diamond shape
shield. Small nymphs grow up quickly but the last two molt can take as long as 3 weeks each.
This species prefer humid and warm environment, the ootheca of this species needs similar
condition which simulate the natural condition in their origin habitat.

I started this species in 2005 with few L3 nymphs from UK, there is no problem raising them.
Nymphs need humid and warm conditions, and willing to accept either crickets or flies without
problem. Eventually, i have few pairs of adult. Mismolting could happen especially during the last
stage of molting to female. Mating this large species is not easy, they usually get too stress up if
kept in a small cage, and if the temperature is too low, they ignored each other completely. I
shipped all my stock to a friend to continue raising them while I have some breathing space to
work on my Professional Engineering license. Unfortunately, my friend failed to breed them.

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