Indonesian Double Shield Mantis
Pnigomantis medioconstricta
Another new species (Pnigomantis medioconstricta) hatched out today. The only down point is that only 20 nymphs hatched.
Lets hope they will survive the next few months and matured into adult. This is a species from Indonesia. Therefore, the first
estimate is that they are tropical species.
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The breeding stock is doing well with plenty of food. The nymphs are still moving very fast just like the L1 stage. They have nice
marking on the body with stripe which is nice. I am keeping them hot and misting once a day. THey are all in L2 now.
This species is growing fast and getting into L4 now, they are able to handle house fly starting L3, but too many flies will easily
stress them up. The "upper shield" is visible but the "lower shield" is still not visible. I am struggling as to if i should continue this
species as it is getting too taxing with many other adult species.
This species is growing fast and getting into L6 now. Both "upper shield" and "lower shield"
are visible now.
I have subadult male now, females are still subadult, which make me think that male is probably one molt lesser than female
when maturing into adult.
I have decided to drop this species as i have too many adult mantis to care for. I still have an ootheca, Hopefully it will hatch out
Well the ooth never hatched, so i will not continue this species for now. What a shame, but this gave me more time to care for
other species.