Ghost Mantis Log
Phyllocrania paradoxa)
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(8-5-2007)Another 3 oothecae hatched out recently, all in pretty good number of 25-40 nymphs. Glad to have successfully
breeding the new generation. I still have the adult females but all my male have been devoured by females. However, all females
are doing well together.
(8-16-2007) 2 more oothecae hatched out at the same time, i counted around 80 nymphs, so i need to put them out for sale again,
they have to go!! It has been a great success in  breeding this batch of ghost mantis.
(8-18-2007) After moving all the hatchling into the new cage, another ooth hatched out about 40 nymphs!! I never thought ghost
mantis can be this productive!! and all my 4 female ghosts are still producing. I am still puzzled how the hatching rate increase
tremendously this time, the only think was i feed them more honey gut loaded blue bottle and less crickets, maybe that is the
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(8-23-2007) Ghost mantis continue to hatch, i had a chance to peek into my ghost "breeding lair" recently, 4 females are living
hapilly in a foot cube net cage. They have been in the same cage for couple of months and do alright together, male is obviously
not welcome as all my adult male were devoured in that cage.
(9-7-2007) More ghost ooth hatched out, but the hatching rate reduce to only 10 or less as the ooth number increase. I lost two
adult female, another two female are not expected to live too long. I have the young, the oldest is at L4 right now and able to take
down house flies. I am not sure if i will continue this species, but i will certainly keep more male next time.
(9-29-2007) I am keeping some breeding stock for next generation. They are currently at 3rd or 4th instar.
(10-09-2007)My breeding stock are finally reaching 5th instar, this batch grow so slowly i wonder how long will it takes before
they reach adult. Especially with winter season kicking in.
(11-4-2007) I am still keeping all the ghost mantis together in the same tall jar, they are not growing very fast despite all the food
and warmth that i poured in. But i am sure the cooler night temperature of 70sF is having an effect on slowing down the growth for
this species.
(11-13-2007) The higher temperature in the past week help speeding up the growth of this batch of ghost mantis. I have seen
several subadult specimen in the cage. They are continue fed with honey gut-load house flies.
(11-25-2007)FInally, few subadult of the new generation appear to be on its way to adult before Christmas. I am starting to feed
them all kinds of food like roaches, crix, moths, house fly, blue bottle, etc and now they are in subadult stage. I counted only 5
male out of the total of 18 so i will keep the male separately to avoid any casualty.
(12-02-2007) Most of them are growing into subadult, i separated a few into individual container and feed them with house flies,
blue bottle and roaches. Continue to keep them around 80F/60%, with misting every other day.
(12-16-2007) Finally couple of ghost molted into adult, so as a male. I am feeding the ghost  all sort of insects. Hope to breed them
in near future.
(12-24-2007) I have more adult female now but males are still not maturing fast enough. So far i only have one adult male. I am
fatten up the female and hope to pair them up soon.
(12-29-2007) I tried to mate the first ghost pair which matured about close to 3 weeks ago. The male quickly mount the adult
female but she was trying to escape. I left them together for the night, and they were still together the next morning, appear that
she might have been mated as i saw them connected early morning, i will see if the female is laying ooth soon.
(01-06-2008) I have at least 5 adult female matured over the past few weeks but only one adult male. For this particular species, i
prefer to have a male bias group, and now that i have more adult female doesn't really help at all. Luckily, the only male i have right
now appear to know what he is doing and I have both females producing oothecae now but i am not 100% sure they are fertile, as
this species is notorious in producing infertile ooth, so i can only wait till the ooth hatch, hopefully. This batch of ghost have been
fed with equal amount of roaches, moths, and flies and would be great to see how would that improve the fertility.
(01-13-2008) Not much to update really, so far 3 adult female "appear" to be mated and all had produced at least one ootheca. I
am waiting for the first ooth to hatch. All the females produced ootheca almost immediately following mating, i can only hope at
least one of this female produce fertile ooth.
(01-20-2008) As usual, this species usually take a long time to mature into the adult, the last moult is taking at least 4 weeks now
for some of the culture here. Oddly, some of the ghost mantis has been mated and produced three oothecae by now. This is just
an example of how vary their growth can be, even from the same ootheca.
(01-27-2008) More female mature into adult, but my male seems to stuck at subadult stage. The cooler weather isn't helping, but
female doesn't seem to be bother and continue to feed and molt.
(02-10-2008) Female continue to produce ootheca even with cooler temp. couple of females are into her 5th ootheca, so basically
wehn well fed, she produces ootheca weekly. The first ooth hatched recently, only 15 nymphs but at least i know the male has
done his deed!
(02-24-2008) Second generation continue to hatch out for me, but due to its popularity they are sold frequently and once more i
am all out even before L2 stage. The last ooth hatched out 30 nymphs under just 31 days of incubation. Hopefully i have more
hatching out in near future.
9-30-08: Ah I knew I would come back to this species one day, just never thought it will be this soon ha! I received a pair of
subadult ghost mantis from my friend Christian yesterday. The male gobbled up flies after a week of journey without food, but
female isn’t looking so hot. I can only hope both will mature into adult. Wish me luck!!
10-12-08: Another almost two weeks come and go. Both the subadult male and female have molted into adult with perfect molting.
I will start to power feed the female to speed up the breeding process.
10-18-08: Continuing "stuffing" up the female with lot of juicy pollen coated blue blue bottle flies, soon i will pair them up. Both
male and female looking healthy and strong. Temperature does not seem to bother them when it comes to feeding time for the
female, but the adult male showing sign of more interested with the girl than food ;)
10-22-08: I have decided to let them together for the first time. Male quickly jump on the female but no mating observed. The
female is very fat now so my worry is that female may be laying infertile ootheca soon without mating.
11-02-08: Still waiting for the first mating to happen, grrr male just have no idea what he is doing, keep riding on the female's back
but no real "action".
12-03-08: All female have matured into adult. But my lone adult male appear to ride on the female for a long time without real
“action” as previously noted. Hmmmm….
(3/19/09) My ghost mantis finally produced an ootheca a while ago but the ootheca show no sign of hatching so this time the
breeding does not work well. I believe the adult male did not mate with the female this time unfortunately. I hope to keep this
species again in the future.