Ground Mantis
Litaneutria minor)
Size:                 ♂   3 cm      ♀   3 cm

Food:                grasshopper, ants, mealworms, crickets

Temperature:        Day: 80-90 F     Night: 75F

Humidity:        40-50%

Hatching rate:        20-40 nymphs

This is a native species here in the USA. They do not climb glass very well but has super fast legs
on ground. They can move as quick as roaches on the ground for a short period of time, but then
prefer to camouflage themselves to the ground instead. This is a small species of only 1 inch long
as adult. They are active at night and attracted to light where bugs are plenty. A friend of mine told
me the easiest way to find them in their habitat is to walk and stop by looking behind your path and
see anything move as this species will remain motionless until you move passed them.

I received a mated female of this species in Fall 2006, she continue to feed on house flies without
problem. But I believed she is getting old and lost part of her legs. She laid an ootheca before
dying. Guess that was her last ootheca and so nothing hatch out after months of incubation.

See photo link for more
photos of this species.