Madagascan green mantis
Tarachomantis aloatrana)
Size:                        ♂   5-6 cm      ♀   6-7 cm

Food:                      Grasshopper, crickets, pollinated flying insects

Temperature:        Day: 80-90 F     Night: 65-75F

Humidity:                60%

Hatching rate:        50-100 nymphs

This is a medium size mantis natives from Madagascan and part of Africa. This species is
aggressive and very cannibalistic. They grow up quickly and reach adulthood by eating virtually any
insects they come across and within their striking distance, including their own species. This is a
hardy species and easy to raise.

I started this species in early 2006 with ootheca from Germany. Hatchling  from this species grow
up quickly and reached adulthood in 2 months!! Female is aggressive towards male during
mating so the whole process needs to be monitor to avoid losses. This species is not a picky
eater so they will gladly take any food. At some point, I think this species will eat an hamburger if i
threw in one!!

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