Marble Mantis
Hierodula parviceps)
Size:                        ♂   5-6 cm      ♀   6-8 cm

Food:                       Flying insects, crickets, grasshopper, roaches

Temperature:        Day: 80-90 F     Night: 65-75F

Humidity:                60%

Hatching rate:        100-200 nymphs

This is a species natives to most Eastern Asian countries. This species feeds almost on any
insects. Hatchling of this species is very small (4-5 mm) and casualty is high when proper food
(small D. Melanogaster) is not readily available. However, large amount of nymphs hatch from
single ooth so some will make it through. Female of this species has many different types of wing
colors such as brown, green, bluish green, yellowish green, marble pattern brown/green, etc.

I started this species early 2005 with adult pairs from Germany and UK. Mating the pair is easy
when the pair are well fed. Ootheca hatches out hundreds of nymphs, cannibalism starts as soon
as L2 when food source is limited. I noticed high casualty due to starvation and weaker nymphs.
But some of them still make it through. Casualties continue for the next day molt but in a smaller
percentage, some will just die for no reason. After L3, they are more stable and able to feed on
larger fruit flies, but cannibalism kicks in so unless you have plenty of food available, this species
will not hesitate to take a bite of its own siblings!! However, I would recommend separating
nymphs after L4, especially when you only have few available.

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