Nigerian flower mantis log
Chloroharpax modesta
Following is the list of my breeding culture

4 x first generation (Original breeding stock from Germany) – Adult female
1 x first generation (Original breeding stock from Germany) – Adult male

All my original breeding stock had either die of old age or sold. The last batch from first generation
were sold recently to Kansas State University entomology department, they were subadult.
Currently, I have 3 oothecae incubating. I am planning to trade one of the ooth and incubate the rest.
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One of the female lay her 3rd ooth!
One of the ootheca hatched out hundreds of nymphs!! I am running out of flies! As usual, they are
really tiny. These are my second generation.
Two more oothecae from this species hatched out, now i am flooded with this little nymphs. All
three female still producing like mad and all my adult male fall victims to these three "black widows"!
Some of the mantis have molted into L2, they are all doing alright with little misting and high
temperature at 85F. I am hoping more females are laying ootheca soon.
Haven't been updating this "forgotten" species. They are getting into L5/L6 now and able to catch
house flies. I found out that they are really a low maintenace species as they can adapt to both dry
and humid condition. However, they are aggressive towards each other when food supply is low.
My breeding stock are doing great now at sub-subadult stage. They are really hardy and appear to
do alright without food for a short while. I have about dozen of them left which I hope to breed for
the last time. A low maintenance species in my opinion, which is suitable for beginners.
My breeding stock have all molted into adults, 2 male and 6 female, i hope to mate them soon
and produce my last generation.
I lost both of the male during mating, my guess is none manage to mate. So i will have to drop
this species for now.