Orchid Mantis
Hymenopus coronatus)
Size:                          ♂   3 cm      ♀   7-8 cm

Food:                         Pollinated flying insects

Temperature:              Day: 80 F     Night: 75F

Humidity:                    60 - 70%

Hatching rate:              30-100 nymphs

I first thought this will be another over-rated species, despite the amazingly extensive lobes
which mimicking flower pedal. So I did not start acquire this species until early Spring
2006. I first received 2 females and 1 male Orchid mantis, they are wild caught and the
female were sub-subadult while the male is probably L4/L5, this was perfect timing for
both sexes to reach maturity simultaneously.

After feeding plenty of honey loaded blue bottle flies and wild caught flying insects, the
female matured into adult while male was 1 week ahead. Mating was not a problem at all,
and both female produced ootheca every month. Each ootheca hatched after a 38-day
incubation period, resulting in a total of 90 nymphs. This was a perfect start for a captive
colony of this species. One of the female continues to live till today (January 25, 2007) and
has laid 11 oothecae so far.

I am currently breeding the first generation from the female orchid, the first one hatched
out recently to about 40 nymphs which is now my second generation of orchid mantis.

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