Gambian boxer mantis log
Oxypilus dinstinctus
I received ootheca from Germany about few weeks ago. Two of them hatched out few days ago, they resembled Ceratomantis and Boxer
mantis. They are really small but have no problem taking D. melanogaster. One ootheca hatched out about 15 nymphs. The head and
abdomen are tan in color but the rest are milky white.
Another species i been forgetting to update. THey are at L3/L4 now. The bright color is slowly fading away and turning darker. This is just
the complete opposite of spiny flower mantis. Still feeding on D. Hydei, a very small size mantis species for sure. Love to stretch their
I am going to let this species drop out from my list for now. So far I kept some to about L5. Basically after L3, the entire body turns darker
shade. I believed this is mainl for camouflage reason. The species will not hesitate to waive their arm whenever being noticed. A very
pleasant sight.
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It has been a while since i last drop my last batch of Gambian boxer mantis from the list. Recently i traded more ootheca of this species
from Germany and one hatched after keeping them at 85F/60% with daily misting for only 2 weeks (not including the time in Germany
and air transit).The small nymphs have no problem grabbing fruit flies!
Edit: I have decided to sell all of them so i could care for the other species.