Pebble Desert Mantis log
Eremiaphila sp.
I have a chance to trade 4 ootheca from Germany at the beginning of the year. Starting 2 weeks ago, some started to hatch. About 2-3
nymphs at a time so they do not hatch simultenously. This species require high temperature on either ootheca incubation or nymphs
stage. They feed vigorously and first molt some as soon as 6 day. I have some molted into L3 by now. They were fed on only fruit flies
and so far there is no ill effect but i am keeping them at 40-45C.
After about a week, another nymph hatched out today, i am suspecting a new "wave" of hatching is about to commence again. Lets
hope more hatch out tomorrow.
I lost one of the L3 nymph today, have no idea why it happened, the mantis turn darker in color. My guess is the mantis ate a sick fly.
One of the desert pebble is probably at L4 or L5 now but they are still very small. But they are doing alright with desert sand and a
piece of towel paper with "shade".
One of the desert flowering mantis molted into L3 today, i was lucky to be there to see it started, so i took this pic. But due to the
"accident" on the orchid mantis ooth where one of the orchid ootheca fell while hatching, i spent few minutes fixing the problem. By the
time i have a chance to take the next pic, the mantis has completed molting....well, hope for a better luck next time.
Has been a while since i last update this sepcies. Due to my lack of attention to this species, i have lost many nymphs, some escape
through the open container (i didn't know they can jump!) and some apparently mismolted. My guess is they lack of heat. Heat source
must have been the main issue here. However, i have one that survive and turning into a beautiful adult female. A very nice species. I
will definately give this species another try when i can afford more time to this species.
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