Peruvian Stick mantis log
Pseudovates peruviana
I have some L4 and L5 nymphs hatched out from ootheca from Peru. Currently there is one ootheca incubating.
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One of the largest nymph molted into L6. She looks like sub-subadult to me. I will upload a pic tomorrow.
The sub-subadult Peruvian mantis is getting its first meal today with a large crickets. I can see the wing bud and hope to see the next
molt in couple of weeks. The other are still catching up, i have about 8 of them left after selling the extra.
The other Peruvian stick has molted into sub-subadult. Now come the sexing part which is challenging to me as i am still new to this
species. The rest are starting to molt into L6.
Two of them molted into subadult, and the rest of them are molted into subsubadult. They continue to fed on crickets and blue bottle fly.
Finally one of my female molted into adult. I managed to measure her finally (i found a ruler in my messy bug room!), she is about 6
cm. Is amazing how much larger she gets. Now i hope my three male will matured into adult soon.
I have decided to drop this species from my current list of mantis culture. All my large nymphs have been sent to another breeder. I
have another ooth of this species, so if i decided to continue (if the ooth hatched) I will still get the second chance.