Photo Gallery
These are some of the praying mantis species I have reared and took pictures of. I am not a professional photographer but I enjoyed
taking photos of them. I am glad that I took some pictures of different species of praying mantis over the last few years which allows
me to present it here in this web site. I will update any new photos once a while. Enjoy!
Additional pics from

America stick mantis
(Brunneria borealis)
Devil flower mantis
(Blepharopsis mendica)
African mantis
(Sphodromantis lineola)
Orchid mantis
Hymenopus coronatus)
Asian giant mantis
Hierodula membranacea)
Budwing mantis
(Parasphendale agrionina)
Carolina mantis
(Stagmomantis carolina)
Wide arm mantis
(Cilnia humeralis)
Nigerian flower mantis
(Chloroharpax modesta)
Egyptian mantis
(Miomantis paykullii)
Dead leaf mantis
Deroplatys desiccata)
Asian flowermantis
Creoboter sp.)
American ground mantis
(Litaneutria minor)
Madagascan marble mantis
(Polyspilota aeruginosa)
Ghost mantis
(P. paradoxa)
Dead Leaf mantis
D. lobata)
Grass mantis
T. graminis)
Madagascan green mantis
(Tarachomantis aloatrana)
Asian marble mantis
(Hierodula parviceps)
New Guinea shield
(T. tamalonica)
Spiny flower mantis
Pseudo. wahlbergii)
Violin mantis
(Gongylus gongylodes)
African twig mantis
(Popa spurca)
Peruvian twig mantis
(Pseudovates peruvianan)
Desert pebble mantis
(Eremiaphila sp.)
Texas unicorn mantis
(Phyllovates chlorophaea)
African boxer mantis
(Otomantis sp.)
Indonesia double shield mantis
(Pnigomantis medioconstricta.)
Northern Africa grass mantis
(Oxyothepsis dumonti.)
Asian ant mantis
(Odontomantis planiceps)
Indonesia shield mantis
(Rhombodera sp.)
Gambian spotted-eye
flower mantis
(Pseudoharpax virescens)
Empusa mantis
(Empusa fasciata)
Giant devil flower mantis
(Idolomantis diabolica)
Spiny flower mantis
Pseudo. ocellatai)
Arizona unicorn mantis
(Pseudovates arizonae)
Malaysia banded flower mantis
(Theopropus elegans)
India boxder unicorn mantis
(Hestiasula brunneriana)
(IYersiniops sophronica)