Spiny Flower Mantis
Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii)
Size:                         ♂   4-5 cm      ♀   5 cm

Food:                        Pollinated flying insects

Temperature:         Day: 80-85 F     Night: 70-75F

Humidity:                 40-50%

Hatching rate:        35-50 nymphs

Spiny flower mantis is from African continent such as Tanzania and Cameroon. This species is particularly aggressive, once they
spotted its prey, there is little hope the prey can escape. Spiny flower mantis is popular for its "#9" mark on its wing. They are usually
green in color, but occasionally you can find brown, pink, yellow, red, etc depending on humidity, surround color, and light intensity. It is
believed that they can blend in well within the foliage full of flowers of different kinds with their ability to change color for camouflage
purpose. Hatchling of this species resemble ants, their skin color turn whiter after 3-4 molts. Spiny flower mantis is pretty hardy in
tolerance towards temperature and humidity fluctuation but appeared to be vulnerable to any infection which is almost fatal in most

I started this species in 2005 with 3 L3 nymphs, I end up with 2 adult female but no male and there was no one in the states that I
could loan or buy, so I have to buy a male from UK.  After mating, both female produced ootheca every 3-4 week. One of the female die
mysteriously after 2nd ooth but the other continue to lay for 7-8 ootheca before dying. Each ootheca hatched out 30-60 nymphs for me,
and I end up having hundreds of them but they were sold out in short period of time too. I only kept a few of them for second generation
but unfortunately they failed to reproduce for me so I end up getting fresh blood from Sweden and other breeder in USA.

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