New Guinea Shield Mantis
Tamolana tamalonica)
Size:                         ♂   8-9 cm      ♀   8-10 cm

Food:                        Crickets, roaches, flying insects

Temperature:         Day: 80 F     Night: 70-75F

Humidity:                 60%

Hatching rate:        ? nymphs

New Guinea Shield mantis can be found in Papua New Guinea, they have extended shield and its shield is wider in female as
compred to male. This species is pretty aggressive, and will chase down a cricket when hungary. Both male and female have
green/brownish color during nymph stage, but male tends to turn darker color (in green/brown) when adult while female is usually
lighter in color. Mating is not difficult for this species although female appears to be large and aggressive. Adult male is not too
interested with food abut female will gladly accept food on daisly basis. This species is pretty hardy and will not die easily, but humidity
is important to keep the mantis from mismolting.

I started this species in 2005 with specimen from Czech Republic and Germany, both species grow up to adulthood with minor issue
(mismolting was the only problem). The shield became very obvious after 5 molts, and by the time it is at subadult stage, the extended
shield is veryobvious especially the female. I mated two females and let all my stock go to a friend who unfortunately failed to breed
this species. I hope to rasie this species again if given another chance.     

photo link for more photos of this species.