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(01-20-2008) Brrrrr, cold cold weather hit Texas, at 30s-40s, it is probably the coldest week, but i am sure people from Michigan
or Montana will be laughing at us... oh what a sissy, never seen anything below zero. Well i am glad we haven't!! Ootheca
production slow down, believe i "only" have one
S. prestiosa ootheca, two Arizona unicorn mantis oothecae, one ghost mantis
ooth, and 1 more
Zoolea ooth deposited over the week. However, i continue to brew one fruit fly culture every 4-5 day just in case.
Surely i will be overran by hatchling one day if every single ootheca hatch out plenty. Continue to follow the
mantis log for the
(01-27-2008) Have been travelling around due to work, so time spending on mantis been greatly reduced, am i starting to lose
interest on mantis?! hopefully not! But the truth is i hardly have time to join discussion in the forum nowadays, barely have time to
reply OM. Cooler weather continue, but it starting to warm up today, we can even see 70F this afternoon!! However, more
oothecae starting to hatch,
Texas unicorn, spiny flower mantis, and a new species newly traded, Idolomorpha lateralis. With
warmer weather, more ootheca from other species will hopefully hatch soon. Luckily i have plenty of fruit flies ready. Please also
banded flower mantis and other species on mantis log for more update. Also i have updated more photos in the photo

Edit (01/28/08): Finally one of my
Empusa fasciata female matured into adult!
(02-03-2008) Is Superbowl Sunday!! So is it going to be the undefeated NE Patriot winning the superbowl or a NY Giant upset? I will
be on my seat tonight watching, if i can finish taking care of all the hatchling emerging this week before the game start. Due to the
warmer weather and higher humidity, ton of
P. ocellata  and Phyllovates chlorophaea hatched out, sometimes i have to ask
myself if these are the only two species that would hatch out for me, hmmm... i really hope more species will hatch in the coming
week. Surely thing hasn't been working out my way for me to source more time for my mantis. Work around the house and office
is coming to affect my time with mantis. Even shopping for a car took half a day for me (yeah i have been looking for a brand new
Toyota Sequoia) boy i need 48 hr a day!
More update on
photo section.
9-23-08:  More than a week has passed since Ike wreck havoc in this city. Finally my son is going back to school after a long
“break”, while the insurance adjustor managed to drop by my house to assess the damage. Despite the storm which damaged
part of the ceiling of my bug room, mantis are doing well and thriving. I received quite a few
Carolina mantis from a friend in MO
(thanks Shelly!) and also couple collected here in Houston. Also a few other oothecae hatched out for the past few days. Namely
Creobroter pictipennis, Hestiasula brunneriana, Thesprotia graminis, and the ootheca collected in Tucson too! Also see
updates on
Hierodula membranacea, Hierodula patellifera, Creobroter gemmatus,  Pseudoharpax virescens, Acromantis
formosana, Gonatista grisea, and Statilia maculata.
Edit: I have been told that my webpage was not updated for a long time since August 15th update. I went back to my webpage and
realized I has been updating the page without uploading it to the website. Pardon my mistake, I have been too distracted by the storm
and busy schedule.