Wide Arm Mantis
Cilnia humeralis)
Size:                 ♂   5-6 cm      ♀   6-8 cm

Food:                Crickets, roaches, grasshopper, flying insects

Temperature:        Day: 80-85 F     Night: 65-75F

Humidity:        50%

Hatching rate:        100-150 nymphs

Wide arm mantis possessed huge and wide raptorial arm with two visible black mark located at inner part of the arm. These species
can have several color morphs through out their entire life. It is interesting to see how they change from one color to another just from
single molt. Adult female is bulky and lighter in color while male is usually darker (brown) in color and much slender. They do not grow
very fast but it could be me keeping them in cooler condition at 75F. A native African species, they are pretty hardy in tolerance towards
temperature and humidity fluctuation but appeared to be vulnerable to any infection which is almost fatal in most cases.

I started this species recently (2006 Summer) with ootheca from Germany, after incubation (at 75-80F/70%), about 150 nymphs
hatched out in two days. They are brownish green at L1. First molt commenced after 10 days. The large raptorial arm (especially for
female) is not obvious until L4 when the widen arm became noticeable by naked eyes. They continue to grow with just taking house
flies; each molt is taking extra days as compared to previous molt. Male tends to grow slower than female as all my female matured
into adult sooner than male.

photo link for more photos of this species.